Punk, Puntos, la Vinosfera

Extracto de un articulo de Anthony Rose publicado en Decanter 2012
Should the press step back?

If you were buying shoes in a Marrakech souk, would you praise them to the heavens before haggling over the price?
Why do so many of the press do Bordeaux’s job for it, by publishing notes and scores before prices come out?
In Hanson‘s view: ¨It’s become a competition. Anyone can blog or tweet saying such and such is the best wine of the vintage, which is fine, but why say it now? Because you want to be the first, that’s why. But if the press contributes to the noise that pushes prices up, it’s not in the consumer´s interest.” (Anthony Hanson MW)
Jancis Robinson MW queried the prectice of publising notes and scores before Bordeaux had decided on price.
¨I can see that I play a part in a process that really does not benefit the consumer¨, she said.”I do increasingly feel like a pawn in a game designed to part you with as much money as possible. I am seriously tempted to see if I can persuade some other commentators to hold off in a similar fashion. Perhaps if enough of us do it, we might have some deflationary effect”.
Parker refused to play ball and others continued to do what they claimed to disagree with.

Viña del Olivo, Contino

Viña del Olivo. Exuberancias. Enebros. Equilibrio. Torrefactos. Almizcles. Hojarasca. Potente y carnoso. El punto mineral.
Es ahora, diluidos todo el tiempo y autor en el vino y su legado, que nos resulta sencillamente sofisticado recuperar para el paladar
estas referencias del Rioja Clásico, del Rioja sin manierismo, la autenticidad. La Conquista de Granada. The Thrill Is Gone